= Version 3.8.1 =
Release Date: September 16, 2021 
* Fix: Taxonomies for remote post are deleted when updating the source post
* Fix: Bug in cache update core
* Fix: Error on plugin activation
* Fix: Language switcher block is displayed incorrectly on frontend when running on WordPress version 5.8+

= Version 3.8.0 = 
Release Date: August 24, 2021 
* Fix: Redirection bug when editing post/page with Elementor page builder 
* Fix: Disable new site plugin activation, Copy Attachments and Connect content options when based on site doesn't have any site selected 
* Fix: Deleted sites are still listed when plugin was temporarily inactive 
* Fix: Unschedule all Cron jobs when the plugin is uninstalled 
* Fix: de_DE_formal PHP redirection not working correctly 
* Fix: Fatal error when accessing network admin without permission 
* Fix: Wrong Permalink structure for custom taxonomies 
* Fix: Improve ACF fields copy functionality 
* Fix: WooCommerce support when the module is inactive 
* Fix: WooCommerce Brands support when the module is inactive 
* Fix: Bug within trasher module 
* Fix: Improve Elementor data copy process 
* Fix: The Warning from Updater.php 
* Add: An alert to ask before leaving if user has unsaved edits in translation meta box 
* Add: Status 'future' in post translation metabox status field 
* Add: Better quality logo for high resolution displays in network admin menu * Add: The feature to copy users on site creation 
* Add: Improve Translation Metabox refreshing behavior when the post is saved via Gutenberg 
* Add: Language and hreflang to language switcher links: WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility improvement 
* Add: Remove support for Elementor post types and their taxonomies * Add: Support for WooCommerce Inventory fields 
* Add: PHP min requirement is now 7.2, WordPress min requirement is now 5.0

= Version 3.7.2 = 
Release Date: May 13, 2021 
* Fix: Bug when switching tabs in post translation meta box 
* Fix: Do not display admin messages in the frontend 
* Fix: Include all the necessary module admin JS files

= Version 3.7.1 = 
Release Date: April 19, 2021 
* Fix: Error within WooCommerce product translation metabox when plugin is running on PHP 8

= Version 3.7.0 = 
Release Date: April 15, 2021 
* Fix: Tags and categories selectbox is empty when generated with AJAX
* Add: Improved support for WooCommerce Downloadable and Virtual Products
* Add: User biography translation support
* Add: Copy navigation menu support
* Fix: Support for PHP 8
* Fix: Bugs when copying ACF fields
* Fix: Elementor global site styles not copied to remote post
* Fix: WooCommerce Brands support is not working
* Add: Notice about increasing minimum PHP & WP Versions from next release
* Fix: PHPCS Errors on VIPGO
* Fix: Bug with user language checking on JS redirection
* Fix: WooCommerce Brands plugin support cannot be activated with the latest Brands version installed.
* Add: Do not add language to post title when creating a new post via translation metabox
* Add: Filter to allow more nav items within the cache

= Version 3.6.0 =
Release Date: February 16, 2021
* Add: Support for Beaver Builder plugin
* Add: Support for Elementor plugin 
* Add: Copy all tables of source site when cloning
* Add: Support for Customizer
* Add: Filter to display the remote taxonomies select-box via AJAX to improve the performance
* Add: Remove Guzzle dependency
* Fix: The attribute terms are not correctly linked in the created product
* Fix: Problem with MultilingualPress and Composer v2
* Fix: Errors on Licencing page
* Fix: RTL bugs
* Fix: bug with pre_edit_form action and passed arguments
* Fix: bug with multiple GET requests
* Fix: Wrong HTML lang attribute value with Deutsch (sie)
* Fix: Deprecated code "edit_tag_form_pre"
* Fix: bug with removing post tags
* Fix: Description text on Language Manager screen
* Fix: Description text when plugin is first time activated.
* Fix: JS error when creating a new site, so the copy images progressbar will be visible
* Fix: Bug during creating a new site with “Based On“ option on WP VIP platforms.

= Version 3.5.0 = 
Release Date: September 28, 2020
* Add: Advanced Custom Fields plugin support.
* Add: WooCommerce Brands plugin support.
* Add: Language versions like Deutsch (Sie) to our default list.
* Fix: Search Engine visibility not working.
* Fix: PHP notice from CPT rewrite function.
* Fix: MultilingualPress (org) contact form: Broken link in plugin.
* Fix: wrong capability check when Author role users are creating new posts
* Fix: The Greece language information
* Fix: The conflict with mailjet-for-wordpress plugin

= Version 3.4.0 =
Release Date: July 06, 2020
* Add: Improve the licence activation/deactivation form view.
* Add: Add a way to change the language name/view in language switcher widget.
* Fix: Quicklinks are not working with translated post type slugs.
* Fix: Redirect is not working correctly.
* Fix: JS Redirector is not working.
* Fix: Bug with redirect fallback option.
* Fix: Copy paste in metabox search field should automatically start searching.
* Fix: Can't navigate to the first language site from QuickLink Selectbox.
* Fix: Composer issue when upgrading from 3.3.2 to 3.3.3.
* Fix: wc_tax_rate_classes table is missing from duplicate woocommerce tables.
* Fix: Heading are not displayed correctly in language manager options.
* Fix: Wrong parameter passed to wp_get_attachment_metadata function.
* Fix: Wrong checking of WP_Error when wp_update_post() is used.
* Fix: Can't insert html in excerpt from translation metabox.

= Version 3.3.3 =
Release Date: March 30, 2020
* Add: New filters to automatically enable Copy Source Content, Copy Featured Image and Copy Taxonomies
* Add: New filter to change remote post data before creation
* Fix: Menu item fields are disabled in customizer
* Fix: Redirect Fallback option prevent user to navigate through the site
* Fix: Add current language item classes to Language Switcher
* Fix: Improve MultilingualPress term metabox usability

= Version 3.3.2 =
Release Date: Jan 22, 2020
* Fix: Metabox taxonomies not selected when term_id and term_taxonomy_id are different
* Fix: Gutenberg strip metabox title in Options modal
* Fix: TypeError: Cannot read property 'isSavingMetaBoxes' of null on product pages when using Yoast seo
* Fix: Modules registered as active are not really active
* Fix: Translation box has default jquery style
* Tweak: Enhance the search feature in the translation metabox

= Version 3.3.1 =
Release Date: Nov 21, 2019
* Fixed: Taxonomy term description field does not allow custom html markup.
* Fixed: Notice `wpmu_new_blog` action is deprecated since version 5.1.0 but keep it for backward compatibility.
* Fixed: License activation when email includes special characters like plus sign.
* Fixed: Cache can't be disabled because options are not stored during the update settings request.

= Version 3.3.0 =
Release Date: Sep 25, 2019
* Add: Cache management options.
* Add: Copy attachment management options.
* Add: Connect all content from source site.
* Add: Quicklinks module.
* Add: Language Switcher Widget module.
* Add: Fall back site when a site with the user language is not available in the Multisite Network.
* Add: Third parameter `$request` to `multilingualpress.sync_post_meta_keys` filter.
* Add: New filter `multilingualpress.filter_term_public_url` to translate slug taxonomies.
* Fixed: Visual tab is not available in the classic editor when MultilingualPress is activated.
* Fixed: "Product" post type not available in Post Type Slug settings page even if WooCommerce module is not active.
* Fixed: Search in translation metabox fails when the post or page contains ' or " characters.
* Fixed: Post Type Slug translation option fails due to a forward slash in the slug.
* Fixed: Ensure that the given taxonomy during filter is an instance of WP_Taxonomy.
* Fixed: Error in connecting WooCommerce categories.

= Version 3.2.0 =
Release Date: May 23, 2019
* Add: Replace PHP file functions with WP_Filesystem.
* Add: Introduce helpers for batch processing.
* Add: Copy attachments asynchronously.
* Add: Flush permalinks on plugin upgrade.
* Add: Plugin must have GPLv2+ licence.
* Add: Add blog slug solution from DateTranslator.php to other cases.
* Fixed: Product variation data is not copied to remote site.
* Fixed: Regular Price and Sale Price of WooCommerce not always strings, causing Fatal Error.
* Fixed: Fatal Error in WordPress Context when retrieving queried object ID.
* Fixed: TypeError: Argument 1 passed to pluginInformation() must be of the type boolean.
* Fixed: Built Plugin Causes Fatal Error.
* Fixed: WooCommerce Shop Page translation does not work correctly.
* Fixed: WooCommerce tables are not copied when duplicate a site.
* Fixed: Javascript error from Trasher and Custom Post Types.
* Fixed: Wrong URL path for tag pages - post_tag instead of tag.

= Version 3.1.2 =
Release Date: January 23, 2019
* Fixed: Posts page translations does not work.
* Fixed: Post status in source site changed from remote site.
* Fixed: View plugin details on Upgrade throws an error.
* Fixed: Gutenberg Trasher compatibility.
* Fixed: Dynamic Permalinks don't works with Built in post types.
* Fixed: Language items are empty if post does not have a relationship.
* Fixed: After switching language manually, all links still redirects to the user browser language.
* Fixed: Duplicated queries in language api.
* Fixed: Edit post link within translation metabox title not update when entity get or lose a relationship.

= Version 3.1.1 =
Release Date: December 05, 2018
* Fixed: JavaScript error Cannot read property isSavingMetaBoxes of undefined.

= Version 3.1.0 =
Release Date: November 20, 2018

* Add: New Table List columns for post types and terms that show in which languages a content has been translated.
* Add: WooCommerce Product Data support to allow shop managers to translate products.
* Add: WooCommerce Product Gallery Copier to allow shop managers to duplicate gallery images into translated products.
* Add: Make Product Short Description translatable.
* Add: Quick Edit link for translated content within the translation metaboxes.
* Fixed: Edit link under Advanced translation tab isn't the correct one when translations update.
* Fixed: Content Relations return a wrong content id when related product is deleted permanently.
* Fixed: Post modified date updated in all connected posts.
* Fixed: Uncaught WC_Data_Exception: Invalid or duplicated SKU.
* Fixed: Display the WooCommerce Module "disabled" when WooCommerce is not installed instead of hide it.
* Fixed: WooCommerce Term relationship permission return true even if the user has not the right capability but the taxonomy attribute is active.
* Fixed: Language Navigation Item point to a wrong url on archive pages.
* Fixed: Copy post thumbnail result in multiple copies of the file image even if the same file with the same file name exists.

= Version 3.0.1 =
Release Date: October 11, 2018

* Fixed: Meta Box display wrong when more than 2 sites in the network.
* Fixed: hreflang not displayed in homepage.
* Fixed: In Taxonomies tab the use of html select causes connection loss for categories and tags.
* Fixed: Attribute taxonomy must always be translatable despite it's public or not.
* Fixed: Content relation for terms isn't removed when a term get deleted.
* Fixed: Automatic creation of Term fails.
* Fixed: x-default site setting should show the current site.
* Fixed: hreflang is created for not connected content.

= Version 3.0.0 =
Release Date: August 28, 2018

* Initial Release

= Versions < 3.0.0 = 
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